Welcome to Stortorvets Gjæstgiveri

Take a trip downtown and you'll find one of Oslo's oldest restaurants. People have walked these floors since the early 1700's.

In our restaurant you can eat, drink and enjoy yourself in beautiful, historical surroundings, whether you're by yourself or with 300 of your friends.

Reservations are recommended and if you are more than 10 people it's recommended that you chose a menu prior to arrival.


May 17th, Norway's Constitutional day

We are fast approaching one of the busiest days for restaurants in Norway - Constitutional Day, May 17th!

At the moment we are close to fully booked, but cancellations do happen, so you can contact our booking office via the reservation button here on the website, by e-mail bestilling@storgjest.no, or phone (+47) 23356360, to check if we have any tables available.

We have a set time for the service on this day at 2:00 pm, and also a set 3-course menu, that you can find attached below.