Welcome to Stortorvets Gjæstgiveri

Take a trip downtown and you'll find one of Oslo's oldest restaurants. People have walked these floors since the early 1700's.

In our restaurant you can eat, drink and enjoy yourself in beautiful, historical surroundings, whether you're by yourself or with 300 of your friends.

Reservations are recommended and if you are more than 10 people it's recommended that you chose a menu prior to arrival.


The arctic cod is here!

From the beginning of January, the arctic cod will be swimming in to our restaurant, and the plan is for it to stay until Easter.

In the ground floor café and restaurant we serve one serving of arctic cod with traditional accompaniments for NOK 275,-, and you get a second serving for NOK 150,-.
In our upstairs restaurant we cater to groups of 20+, where we serve a 3 course meal with fried cod tongues as a starter, arctic cod as main course, and Panna Cotta with Cloudberries for desert.