• Bolinhos from the Dypvik family with lemon cream, tomato salad and mustard greens from Tåsen microgreens 145, –


  • Stortorvet’s hand-cut raw beef from Strøm – Larsen with bernaise saus, egg yolk, pickled beetroot, rye bread and herbs from Tåsen Microgreens 100g / 200g – 164, – / 229, –


  • Seafood bisque with salad of scallop from Hitra and dill oil 159, – / 199, –


  • Braised oxtail in heart salad, with parsley dressing, cottage cheese and grated Holtefjell XO 154,


Main Courses

  • Sirloin of horse from Gudbrandsdalen with roasted marrow-bone, carrot purée, terragon emulsion and pan-fried potatoes from Hagen 200g/400g – 289,-/449,-


  • Entrecôte of calf from Strøm-Larsen with fondant potato, celery purée, cabbagefrom Hasle Gård and red wine sauce 269,-


  • Char from Telemark from the Aketun couple at Fyresvann, with broth from creamed mussels, grilled cauliflower and herb salad 289, –


  • Pan-fried halibut, potato purée flavored with truffles, nut butter, shallots and salted beets269, –


  • Salad with pickled beets from Hasle Gård, camembert from Eiker Gårdsysteri, honey-glazed walnuts, pickles, and capers 164,-


  • Today’s Special 189,-


  • Vanilla crème brûlée with raspberries 139,-


  • Butter caramel with creamed Nyr cheese from Grønndalen Gård, oxalis from Tåsen Microgreens, and crystallized chocolate 129,-


  • Gingerbread «taco» with blue cheese cream, home made fig marmelade and toasted nemesis 119,-


  • Rhubarb soup with brown cheese ice cream 119,-