Smoked deer from Axel Andersen, with porchini cream and rye bread 179,-

Gravlax, salad, biled egg and pickled red onion on rye bread 179,-

Salad with cured leg of mutton, walnuts, prunes and brie 179,-

Meat patties from butcher Strøm – Larsen served on rye bread with mayonnaise, fried onion, and fried egg 179,-

Norwegian fish soup with carrots and leeks 199,-

Christmas plate from the ocean – smoked salmon, pickled herring, piled red onion, fermented trout, sour cream with dill 295,-

Christmas plate from the mountains – Roast beef, potato salad, christmas pickle, gherkin, cured leg of mutton, soured red cabbage 295,-

Creamed cloudberries 159,-

Creamed rice with red sauce and fried almonds 159,-

Crème brûlée with seasonal berries 159,-